Hi, I'm Nick.

Based in the North East, I'm a full time music photographer and videographer.

I was 14 years old when my mother got me a camcorder. Back in '03, I would film my friend's bands at local shows. In '05, I managed to put together live footage for a band that I followed to every show they did, and edit a music video for them. This was before camcorders used SD cards, so everything I filmed was on tape and edited with a dual VCR. 20 years later, everything is so different, and I'm still so motivated that I spend most days shooting artists or editing.

In addition to Killing It Entertainment, I also run a wedding photo/video company with my wife ,Merrisa, where we're constantly on the road making memories from Hawaii to Italy, and everywhere in between.

The best part of my career is that I get to meet new people all of the time. I love getting to know you and your story, and make it come to life!

Photo Credit: @thewildandwandering from @soundculturemedia